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 Proven Philosophy

 Ultimately, I believe what we are all looking for is an optimal experience in life.   As a trusted advisor to some of the most successful men and women worldwide, I have the privilege of listening to the inner conversations that most people never get a chance to hear.  I have found that no matter what it may look like from the outside, there is no escaping the human duality that I have articulated in The Kid and the King.  Winning the inner game is the key to individual performance and satisfaction.

Breakthrough Results

For 25 years, I've taught individuals and organizations the Emotional Mastery Process (EMP).  Leaders that practice the (EMP) are more aligned, effective, and make better decisions.  They become masters of identifying and executing personal and organizational outcomes. 



I'm fascinated by humans and inspired by nature.  I am a native New Yorker with roots in India, and I currently live a healthy plant-based life in Santa Fe, NM, and Telluride, CO, with my dog Bear.   As a philosophy major from Colgate University, I remain a student with an insatiable appetite for understanding the human experience, incorporating, integrating, and applying new insights and awareness into breakthrough results for myself as a way of life.

I'm committed to connecting with like-minded folks that are willing to engage in a "Courageous Inquiry."  If that's you, please feel free to leave your info, and I will keep you in the loop. You can opt-out at any time.  

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