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Texting. Posting. Chatting. Sharing. Liking. Commenting. We live in an era where new forms of communication arise every day, and yet one thing remains constant; the most important conversations rarely take place at all.

For more than 20 years, Shasheen has delivered breakthrough results to successful leaders around the world, navigating business outcomes and the personal challenges that go hand in hand with the journey.

Proven Philosophy

Shasheen’s razor sharp intuition, combined with his unique ability to tactfully navigate and address life’s most confronting conversations separates him from the rest, allowing him to cut through the barriers that stand in the way of his clients.

A native New Yorker with roots in India, Shasheen currently lives in Southern California – splitting his time between Venice Beach and Encinitas. During the winter you will find him somewhere in the backcountry of Colorado or Utah.   As a philosophy major from Colgate University, Shasheen remains a student and continues to feed his insatiable appetite for understanding the human experience every day, incorporating, integrating, and applying new insights and awareness into breakthrough results for himself as a way of life.

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