I help high achievers re-ignite
and re-engage with life.

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For 20 years I've worked with high achieving leaders, CEOs, and maverick entrepreneurs. They are frustrated with issues like:
* Taking their business and results to the next level
* Getting team members to perform better
* Making the transition from High Achiever to Great Leader
Many have already tried traditional business and life coaching. Yet, despite their best effort, something was still missing.
Fact: Most high achievers face a hidden inner struggle they must conquer before reaching the next level. This takes “Courageos Inquiry”. Those who make this journey achieve higher performance. They also find themselves reengaged and reignited with life.
If you think you are courageous enough to go on this inner adventure -- then I invite you connect and learn how to work with me.

The Kid and the King

The Kid and the King builds on a life-time of work helping successful men and women have better relationships and in turn making more money and leading a more balanced and fulfilled life. Grab your copy today and learn with the best field-tested strategies and exercises that have consistently produced results.

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One size does not fit all, and insights and awareness is the consolation prize in this game. The real prize is a breakthrough result. The steps are simple: assess, align and build an action plan. These game changing results can only happen through a courageous inquiry, as well as intentional and consistent action.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:  “Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” I am blessed with an ability to deliver these lessons in an entertaining, practical way that creates more self-awareness & drives people into action. Let's set up a meeting to see how I can help!

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"Shasheen is a brilliant communications coach and strategic facilitator. If you are unclear about anything related to your life or business, this is definitely a guy you want to be talking to. I am glad to call Shasheen both a business advisor and a friend. Highly recommended."

Warren Jolly, CEO, AdQuadrant

"…no wonder people call him the “CEO’s secret weapon… "

Raj Lahoti, CEO DMV.ORG, Encinitas, CA

"…nearly a year later I have a clearer understanding of myself, my business, and have doubled my business while being more authentically me… What a great experience. I can’t recommend Shasheen enough."

Ryan Cook, Managing Partner at FCRG, Inc

"…I’d seen a number of well credentialed consultants come through our doors but, it wasn’t until Shasheen came on board that our leadership team began functioning effectively…"

Polyzen, Inc.
Liisa Bozinovic, HR Director, Polyzen Inc, Apex, NC

"“Shasheen’s coaching gets straight to the point. His insights cut swiftly through your self imposed, limiting beliefs. Opening yourself or your team to that perspective will begin your own transformation towards outcomes at rates and scopes you’d previously only dreamed about.”"

Hewlett Packard
Bernie Maloney, Systems Operation Manager, Hewlett Packard


I'm committed to connecting with like minded folks that are willing to engage in a "Courageous Inquiry."  If that's you please feel free to leave your info and I will keep you in the loop.   You can always opt out at any time.   

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