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Emotional Mastery Process

For 25 years, I've led high-achieving leaders, CEOs, and maverick entrepreneurs through the Emotional Mastery Process (EMP) to improve their performance and overall satisfaction.

Most high-achievers face a hidden inner struggle they must conquer before reaching the next level.  It takes "Courageous Inquiry" to help open those doors and a process of self-discovery to take those steps. Moreover, I have found that unspoken conversations are the key that unlock the solutions to fatigue, trepidation and discontent. 

Those who take the journey of self-love and compassion execute more efficiently and experience greater satisfaction in their home and work life.

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The Kid and the King: The Hidden Inner Struggle High Achievers Must Conqueror to Reignite and Re-Engage with Life:  is my playbook of the best-field-tested strategies and exercises that have consistently produced results for me and the clients I've had the privilege to serve. 

Yes, you've achieved impressive goals and made dreams come true that most would envy, yet you've hit an unforeseen wall - a wall between you and joy, motivation, and true fulfillment... 

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The Kid and the King: The Hidden Inner Struggle

The Kid and the King

No tips, no tricks, no hacks, no gimmicks, no upsells, and no sales funnels.  It is the beginning of a lifelong journey that starts with establishing a new relationship with yourself.  You will have all the information you need.  The question is are you're really committed? 

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One size does not fit all, and insights and awareness are the consolation prize in this game. The real prize is a breakthrough result. The steps are simple: assess, align and build an action plan. These game-changing results can only happen through a courageous inquiry, as well as intentional and consistent action.


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Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:  “Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” I am blessed with an ability to deliver these lessons in an entertaining, practical way that creates more self-awareness & drives people into action. Let's set up a meeting to see how I can help!


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